The New BOD 2018-2020

Opening Ceremony of ACWO 28 Nov 2018.

Farewell speech from outgoing President and host of the BGA & Conference in Myanmar, 2018.

Transfer of Presidency to the 19th ACWO President Dr June Goh (2018-2020). Handing over ACWO flag and garlanding ACWO CHAIN OF OFFICE


Acceptance speech by Dr. June Goh, New President of ACWO (2018-2020) at the Installation ACWO DINNER, 28 Nov 2018 in NPT, Myanmar.


18th ACWO Biennial General Assembly and Conference 2018

On 28 Nov 2018, Biennial ACWO Conference was held at Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar under the theme of  “Leaving No One Behind: Empowering ASEAN Rural Women and Enhancing The Quality of Family Life” .

The Key note address from F.A.O. Asia Pacific Regional Director Ms Clara Park@ACWO Conference in NPT on 28 Nov 2018




Welcome remark from Dr. Sita Sumrit, Director of Gender & Poverty and representative from the ASEAN SECRETARIAT in Jakarta






Welcome speech from 18th ACWO President and host of the Conference Dr. Thet Thet Zin @ NPT Conference, Myanmar, on 28 Nov 2018



Enthusiastic participants discussing ground breaking projects at the Round Table Discussions that can be replicated by ACWO member countries.




Round Table Discussions on (1) Modern Agriculture for Rural Women; (2) Gender and Technology to enhance business and Quality of Family Life: (3) Women Entrepreneurs & Technology; (4) Leaving No One Behind: Enhancing Quality of Life of Rural Aged.

18th ACWO Biennial Assembly Council Meeting 2018

Biennial General Assembly meeting was held at  Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar on 27 Nov 2018. This meeting attended by delegations of the Board of Directors from Myanmar (President Dr Thet Thet Zin), from SCWO (Dr June Goh and delegates), President of NCWP (Comm Norma J Lazano and delegates), President of KOWANI (Ibu Giwo Rubiyanto and Delegates): also delegates from each member country headed by VP of CWBD, VP of LWU, VP of NCWO(M), VP of NCWT and VP of VWU.

All focused on presentations during the meeting





Meeting of BGA in session


Intervention from ACWO at the Open Session of the 17th ACW Meeting

At the 17th ACW Meeting in Ha Noi, Vietnam, ACWO President Dr Thet Thet Zin received an invitation to present an intervention note at the Open Session of ACW Meeting on 23 Oct 2018. Following ACWO’s BOD’s decision in Manila, we extend an invitation to ACWO Board of Director/President of VWU, Dr Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, to deliver ACWO’s intervention note. Due to her earlier commitment, she has to requesther deputy to represent ACWO. Below is the intervention note prepared by VWU with assistance from ACWO’s Executive Director, Dr Husna who was also present in Ha Noi.

Intervention Note ACWO Intervn Speech VN Presentations