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Vision & Mission


ACWO envisions an ASEAN Community having strong networks of women’s organisations with varying cultural, religious, traditional and historical contexts that distinguish the ASEAN region; cooperating together in friendship, sincerity, harmony, mutual respect and  trust; contributing  meaningfully to gender equality,  the advancement of ASEAN societies and the regional integration process


1. To coordinate and act as a confederation for national women  organizations of the ASEAN member countries in order

  • To secure all such reforms as are necessary to give full meaning to equality in human rights, status and opportunities

  • To urge the women of the ASEAN’s member countries to realize and accept their responsibilities in the exercise of their rights and influence in public and private life to ensure respect for human dignity without distinction as to sex, race, creed or status

  • To promote co-operation, peace and understanding, and increase mutual support among women through international contacts

  • To participate and cooperate in constructive efforts for national and regional development

2. To serve and act as a resource center for the gathering and disemination of information, news and other materials relevant to the objectives of the ACWO

3. To carry out studies, research and training programmes relating to women, children and the family in the ASEAN region

4. To provide a forum for exchange and discussion on issues relating to the advancement of women in all fields and the welfare of the ASEAN region especially where it relates to women, children and the family

5. To strengthen co-operation with the UN and other related international and regional organizations and agencies