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NCWP Elects New Set of Officers For 2019-2021

The National Council of Women of the Philippines (NCWP) conducted its  General Assembly and Election for the term 2019-2021 on September 30, 2019 at Jade Garden  Hotel, United nation Avenue, Ermita, Manila. The highlight of the assembly was the confirmation  of the 11 newly elected members of the Board who took  their oath of office with Judge Merianthe Zuraek as the inducting officer.

There were thirty four (34) members in attendance that included the incumbent members of the Board of Trustees 2017-2019 and  the affiliates who elected the eleven (11)  members of the new Board of Trustees.  The same eleven (11) newly elected members,  the five (5) institutional members namely: Philippine Women’s University (PWU),  Girls Scouts of the Philippines (GSP),   National Federation of Women’s Club (NFWC),  Catholic Women’s League (CWL) of the Philippines,  Young  Women’s  Christian Association (YWCA) of the Philippines, and  one (1) charter member,  Philippine Federation of Business and Professional Women  (PFBPW)  elected the officers as follows:

President:                                                                            Ms. Teresita   T.  Gonzalez

Executive Vice-President:                                                    Ms. Lina Lutgarda  M. Tanjuatco

Vice -President  for National Capital Region:                       Ms. Josephine   C.  Parilla

Vice- President for Luzon:                                                   Dr. Cecilia  M.  Dy

Vice -President for Visayas:                                                Ms. Regina  O.  Benitez

Vice- President for Mindanao:                                             Hadja  Alnajar  P.  Lazo

Secretary:                                                                           Dr. Aurora  M.  De Leon

Treasurer:                                                                           Atty. Alicia Risos-Vidal

Auditor:                                                                               Ms.  Minerva  A.  De Leon

Press Relations Officer:                                                      Dr. Lorna  A.  Salutal

Trustee &  Immediate Past President:                                 Norma  J.  Lozano


Oath taking of newly elected members of the Board of Trustees (L-R): Atty.  Risos-Vidal,  Ms.  Sonia Atabug representing Comm. Lozano,  Dr. De Leon,  Ms. Benitez, Ms.Ponce De Leon,  Ms.  Conchita  Palencia  representing Dr. Dy,  Ms. Tanjuatco,  Ms Gonzalez,  Ms. Parilla,  Dr. Salutal and  Hadja Alnajar officiated by Judge Meriantle Zuraek.


NCWP picture with Institutional Members (IM): Seated (L-R): Ms. Neriza Llena, Exec Director, YWCA, representing IM Pres. Farinas, Prof. Olive Villafuerte,  IM PWU,  Dr. Nona Ricafort, IM PFBPW, Judge Merianthe Zuraek, inducting officer of the new Board of Trustees, Dr.Amelou B. Reyes, Dr, Rita Mariano, IM CWL, Treasurer Atty. Risos-Vidal

Standing (L-R): Sec. Dr De Leon, VP for Visayas Ms. Benitez, Ms. Palencia  representing VP for Luzon Dr. Dy,  Executive Vice President Ms. Tanjuatco, President Ms. Gonzalez, VP for NCR Ms Parilla; VP for Mindanao Hadja Lazo and Ms Atabug representing Trustee & Immediate Past President Comm.Lozano


The Board Meeting for the month of October  is set on the 15th at its new  Executive Office at Unit 2E,  Paraclete Building B,  1543 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City 1104.

Email Address:ncwphil@yahoo.com 


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Executive Vice-President, NCWP