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ACWO Activities

EU-ASEAN policy dialouge activity at Ha Noi 22 Oct 2018

Thai Women’s Day and Outstanding ASEAN Women’s Organisations Award of the Year 2016’ 31 July – 1 Aug 2016

An invitation to ACWO Board of Directors to attend Thai Women Day’s celebration on Sunday, July 31st– and  Monday, August 1st, 2016 under the theme of ‘The Power of Thai Women under the greatest kindness of Her Majesty the Queen, the Mother of the Land’. This event was held to commemorate the dual occasions of the royal celebrations, the 70thanniversary celebrations of His Majesty The King’s accession to the throne and the 84th birthday anniversary celebrations of Her Majesty The Queen.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY AND 2nd Board of Directors Meeting on 8 March 2016

SOC COM Meeting
The 10th Coordinating Conference On The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (10th SOC-COM) 20-21 May 2015, ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta

ACWO was invited in her capacity as a CSO Regional Entity accredited to ASEAN (following ACWO Permanent Secretariat’s accreditation request to several regional and international organisations/agencies such as UNWOMEN, AICHR, AIPA, ASEAN etc

The 10th SOC-COM meeting was participated by representatives of ASEAN sectoral bodies under ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) and relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies under the ASEAN Political-Security Community and the ASEAN Economic Community,  the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR), and relevant regional entities such as ACWO.

The immediate purpose of the meeting was to review and endorsed the “Draft Final Report on Framing the ASEAN Socio Cultural Community (ASCC) Post 2015”  to the ASCC Council by the target date 15 June 2015.



Putting gender perspective into the revised draft  which contain statements and strategies that are “gender neutral”; emphasizing women’s rights and gender equality throughout the document

Stressing inclusivity in the ASCC draft by addressing the aged and ageing in ASEAN plan of work (issue of feminisation of the Aged and feminisation of poverty)

To address “Micro enterprise” and not only SME in the Asean Economic Pillar. Hende the need to change from SME to MSME representing “Micro-Small-Medium Enterprise” in AEC. This is a critical issue that need to be addressed since 80-85% women in ASEAN are currently engaged in micro enterprise.

This calls for ASEAN to encourage / establish SOCIAL BUSINESS in ASEAN as means to eradicate poverty.

ACW meeting in Manila 2015

Highlights of important Conferences 2014-2016

UNESCAP:Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Conf: Beijing + 20 Review

There were several meetings convened in Bangkok from Nov 13 to Nov 20, in preparation for the  GENDER EQ AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CONF: BEIJING + 20 REVIEW.

ACWO team from the Permanent Secretariat were actively involved in the following:

  • ACWO Participation in UNESCAP Civil Society Conferences in Preparation for Beijing+20 Review, Bangkok, Thailand.The Secretariat was invited by UN Women Regional Director Ms Roberta Clarke (she was our Guest of Honour at 16th GA and Biennial Conference in KL) to this meeting. Ms Omna Sreeni Ong represented ACWO at this meeting
  • AICHR Meeting in Bangkok 17-19 Nov 2014 was represented by ACWO Permanent Secretariat Team, Ms Dr. Syarifah Syahirah of NCWO Malaysia.
  • APRC/IWC Conference on Women and Girls: Dr. Husna Sulaiman and several ACWO Board members who are also members of IWC attended this conference: 3 resolutions were drafted and submitted to the main committee on Beijing +20 Review.
  • Senior Government and Ministerial Officers meeting on UNESCAP: GENDER EQUALITY AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE: BEIJING + 20 REVIEW (17-20 Nov 2015): Some of the ACWO and National Council members of each member country participated in this conference
  • ACWO 17th General Meeting was also convened on 20 Nov hosted by ACWO Thailand

CSW NEW YORK Mar 2-9 2015 (Side Event 2 Mar 2015)